Alexa Chung’s New Collection:


If we thought about Alexa Chung and her life we would say a style setter, go getter and mega babe in terms of having the wardrobe we so utterly crave. It was only a matter of time before she decided to start her own collection, and I think after she released ‘Archive’ for Marks and Spencer people were desperate for her to start her own line.

The  collection ‘Alexa Chung’ is set to be released in May 2017 (not too much longer to wait) and it has been spoken about that the first pieces will be ‘ready to wear’ denim, day wear, shoes and jewellery…what more could we ask for? Alexa has stated that she ‘wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief’s to stick to’ which we can completely understand, and are super excited that the collection will be a line of pieces straight out of Alexa’s wardrobe.

Alexa wants the clothes to be wearable, everyday pieces that you can just throw on and ‘live in’ and one thing we will of course be expecting is the cross between masculinity and femininity, which she has said is going to be included…we wouldn’t expect anything less seeing as that’s a key part of her personal style.

So with 10 months to wait until the release of the collection we can count down the days till we grab ourselves a piece from Alexa Chung.

The New SPF 50 Boss T-Shirts

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These Boss SS RN BM t-shirts in a variety of colours are the ideal summer piece for you men this season! With the versatility of the logo and crew neck means that they will never be out of style.  And the SPF 50 also means that protection from the sun will be a lot easier in these amazing tops, not to mention super comfy with their cotton  texture.

The way the t-shirts have managed to remain in Boss style with the added bonus of the UV protection shows how they differ from your casual high street items and even the majority of high end t-shirts. Boss have yet again shown how they look out for their customers, and protect against the harmful rays of the sun to offer even more quality within their products.

For holiday makers around the country, looking to go somewhere hot this year then this is what you need; a multi functioning stylish Boss Black t-shirt in a variety of colours which means you really can’t go wrong.

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