The Met Gala 2016

The Met Gala is truly a night of glamour where celebrities dress up in their finest attire to celebrate and fundraise for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. Each year has a theme and this year it was ‘Fashion in the age of technology’ so think designer futuristic elements such as lots of metallic detailing and sleek, slicked back hair.

Blake Lively in Burberry

Blake Lively wore the most amazing Burberry chiffon dress which had an oriental feel to it. The shimmery contrast of the gown gave it that much needed futuristic element which Blake was said to have been involved in the making off.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Dakota Johnson took on a Gucci star print dress which had a beautiful low cut lace front.

Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa

Poppy Delevingne took metallic detailing to a whole new level in this Marchesa gown. With her icy blonde hair and dark lip she gave the technology theme a whole new concept by adding in an edgy twist.

Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton

Selena Gomez looked the part in this Louis Vuitton number, pairing with some rock style boots and adding in leather detailing which gave her outfit a tough look.

met-gala-2016-the-best-red-carpet-looks-1808905.600x0c (1)
Kendall Jenner in Atelier Versace

Kendall Jenner’s slender physique means that a dress like this really does look a million dollar on her. The contrast of the white and blue is soft against her dark hair and the cut out sides leaves little to the imagination.

The Start Of An English Summer – Ralph Lauren and Vogue

As summer begins, the sun is shining and festivals are on their way. However, the true significance of summer for us? Think strawberries and cream, whites and “quiet on the court please”. Wimbledon of course.

With less than a week to go until the 3 week long event, we’ve stocked up our wardrobe with pastels and whites, and our fridge with pimms and fruit. In the process we also dreamed of attending Ralph Lauren and Vogue’s Annual Wimbledon Party.

Celebrating 10 years of being the official wimbledon outfitter, Ralph’s party hosted at Kensington Palace Orangery was filled with actors, singers, models and a fair few Lady and Lords.

With a majority if them wearing Ralph Lauren Collection, there was a lot of blues, creams and camels found within the crowd of specially picked people.

Take a look below to see our favourite looks of the night:

Laura_Bailey_3350572kDorothy, is that you? Oh wait, it’s Laura Bailey looking INCREDIBLE!  Her ankle grazing sky blue dress is perfect for an outdoors garden party, and her braided hair compliments this cutesy dress. However in typical Laura Bailey she has rocked this look up with high pink platform heels and amazing cat-eye sunglasses.

Manolo-Blahnik-Vogue-23Jun15-Getty_b_426x639The king of shoes has now just earned the title of the king of summer suits (that’s a thing right?) Manolo Blahnik looks perfect in this sorbet yellow suit with casual blue and yellow undone bow tie. Plus he looks so happy (it’s the suits effect I’m sure… or all the cocktails) and reminds me of a Granddad? Like I just want to hug him…

Chelsea_Leyland_3350579k  DJ for the night, Chelsea Leyland wore an amazing Ralph Lauren Collection cream dress which has a Bohemian feel to it, unfortunately hidden behind a set of decks for the majority of the night.

Red Carpet Fun At Cannes

With Television and Film Award season in the midst, we were waiting ambitiously for Cannes Film Festival to come around.

Year after year The Red Carpet at Cannes blows every other competitor out of the water, oozing style and glamour, which is fitting since it takes place in the French Riviera.

Compared to events such as The Met Gala, the opening ceremony for Cannes Film Festival is pure sophistication rather than who can out-dress everyone else in a rather costume like way (sorry-not-sorry).

Surprisingly, Cannes has been quite low key this year, with not much mention of the build up towards it on social media until yesterday morning when there was posts and posts of celebrities getting ready.

but WOW

Once again Cannes was on top form. It was ridiculously hard to needle it down to just a few people, so much so, that we don’t even have enough people to make a Worst Dressed List! However some shined out from the rest.

Read below to see our Best Dressed List



Lupita Nyong’o



If you can’t already tell by the three pictures of Lupita above, she has got to be the best dressed at the opening ceremony, right?! Wearing a gorgeous Gucci gown straight off the runway, she looks amazing. The past couple of years Lupita has looked stunning at every awards show (she must have a killer stylist) but for me, this is the best yet. The flower embellishment is bold yet beautiful, the deep v-neck is classy and the way the pleats in her dress floated down the red carpet was magic.



Jake Gyllenhaal


So in the past, Men have never been included in our Best Dressed Lists, but Jake is an exception. I’m not sure whether it’s because he is amazingly good looking or because he knows how to wear a suit effortlessly ; but he belongs on this list. A round of applause anyone?



Naomi Watts


If you’re going to wear feathers, it’s got to be in Cannes (can you imagine how hot she was?) Wearing Elie Saab you just can’t go wrong, especially when it’s Couture Elie Saab. Truthfully, I starred at this picture for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out how something can be so beautiful, my conclusion was that Elie Saab is a god with magic hands.



Noemie Lenoir


Very few people can get away with wearing yellow, and very few people look great while pregnant, so combine the two and it should pretty much be a disaster, right? French model Noemie Lenoir somehow has pulled it off, really REALLY well. The flowing, pleated Chloe dress looks like it was made for Noemie even though it came straight off the Catwalk. This picture made us very happy this morning, Noemie brightened up our very grey rainy day!



With 12 more days of the festival left,  look out for more amazing looks on the Cannes Red Carpet



Met Gala 2015

Once again, the Met Gala took place last night, with the theme this year being “China: Through the Looking Glass”.

A tricky one, even for the selected few who are invited to the Gala every year. We expected amazing jewellery, Chinese Hanfu inspired outfits, maybe a slight oriental feel when it came down to makeup and hair…

…but we can’t help but feel slightly confused about some of the outfits that were showcased last night.

SO here goes… Thackerays Best and Worst dressed of the Met Gala 2015



OBeyonce,  Jay-Znce again, Queen B kills it. Along with her other curvy friends (Kim Kardashian in Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas and J-Lo in Versace) Beyonce sports a barely there, crystal and stone dress by  Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. After making everyone wait 2 hours to see her on the red carpet, she came out with a bang (a very sparkly one) and blew everyone away and out of the competition.  To make her outfit even better, Jay-Z’s reaction is priceless! Queen B rules again!





  Model Karolina Kurkova and actress Emily Blunt (below) opted for the more traditional style, in line with the nights theme.

                             1430790418_karolina-kurkova-zoom        1430788260_emily-blunt-zoom

Karolina’s Chinese-inspired Tommy Hilfiger mini dress with a keyhole cut-out at the bodice is striking, and looks beautiful against her pale skin and blonde hair. It’s a good job her legs are so long or else she would’ve blended into the carpet!

Emily’s outfit has got to be one of the favourites of the night, she looks effortless. The soft pale blue looks amazing with her hair and the embroidered navy blue cape completes her outfit, creating a regal look.


Rosie, we love you. How does she look amazing in everything?

This Versace dress looks like it was made for her, slinking to every curve of her body (Serious girl crush). The shoulder strap makes the dress comply with the theme of the night subtly, but also elongates her neck. The sultry look is completed with slicked back hair and dark lips.








724OH RIRI… what happened? She certainly has gone all out for the fashion event of the year, on the other hand she has only given people an opportunity to make (cruel) ‘memes’ of her outfit (scrambled egg, pizza, sponge-bob). We’ve got to give Rihanna some credit though, as she was one of the few celebrities who wore a dress made by a Chinese couture designer (dress by Guo Pei).


1335    284FF54400000578-3068283-image-m-301_1430802832628The past few years Sarah Jessica Parker has always made a… statement (remember that feather Mohawk?) but this year she took it up a notch. Her custom Philip Tracey headdress sure stole the attention, and similar to Rihanna, caused a bit of an uproar on social media as it gave many people the opportunity to get a little bit creative with her outfit.



Oh Grimes… did you forget that it was the Met Gala?

Is that why your bag is also substituting for a make-up box?grimes-met-gala-2015

This outfit is just a complete disaster, good luck next year?