The AW16 Versace Campaign

The year of the controversial campaigns; first Calvin Klein released their new campaign with some slightly provocative image and that caused the internet to start talking about the inappropriateness of their campaign, next was Jack Wills which was criticised for showing models in their underwear which viewers said was not appropriate for their younger audience… and then we have Versaces fall/winter 16 campaign.

The most recent campaign for Versace features several models in different scenes around Chicago, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid being just two of the models. It is in fact the campaign photos with Gigi in them however that has caused the most controversy; she is portraying what looks like a mum and people online were quick to point out the fact Gigi is so young and that this isn’t a realistic image… completely disregarding the positivity of a racially diverse family in the image.


Donatella Versace was quick to defend herself following the criticism and controversy of the images by stating:

“My name is Versace- I don’t know how to do things quietly” pointing out that her campaign images are always bold and spark opinions. She also went on to say “that is just my blood and my family. We make a noise, shout loud”. The images aren’t just about showcasing the clothes but also have a story behind them and the recent campaign is all about the women who have their own business and family and how they still remain ‘fierce’ in every aspect of their lives. Donatella said she wanted to show off her day clothes with this persona of woman in mind.


Donatella has worked with so many supermodels in her time, such as the likes of Naomi Campbell and therefore choosing Hadid and Kloss as two models for her recent campaign would have been an easy decision.

Donatella and Gigi have a close relationship and there’s no denying that they both enjoy working with eachother…Gigi has appeared in the previous Versace campaign as well as on the runway and also if you follow Donatella Versace on Instagram then you will know that her first ever post was in fact with Gigi Hadid.