Male Model Speaks Out

I’ve talked about the issues with the modelling world on here before, exploring the pressure for female models to be stick thin resulting in them being severely underweight. However it seems that we keep forgetting that male models may be under the same pressure.

I’ve honestly never thought about this until I read an article from News Week Europe (here) where a former male model tells his story about how the pressures of losing weight made him quit the job for good.

For me I always thought it was simple for men; stay in shape with muscle definition and you’re all good – of course a strong jaw line and high cheekbones are just as necessary. But there is a growing trend within males model that they need to be almost as skinny as women, it seems that male models are trying out the 90’s elfin waif trend which a young Kate Moss started.

Whether this is what they want to do or what they are made to do by agencies I’m unsure, but if it means they are seriously reducing their calorific intake then it’s got to be an issue (it would for me anyway!)

A requirement to be a male model is that you have to be over 6foot, and the taller the better. For different types of modelling, different types of bodies are required. Catwalks prefer skinny men with tall necks and wide (but not big) shoulders. Fitness models of course need to have muscle definition, these types of models tend to get more commercial work where they are seen as an aspiration to the public – “I will buy those jeans because they will make me look like I have spent 10 hours in the gym this week” –yeah right, but it works. 

The big muscly manly male model trend happened…

Untitled-1 copy

Then the bearded and rugged male model happened…


And now we are back to the skinny, translucent male model who looks like he needs a big roast dinner, similar to what was favoured in the 90’s when androgyny was at an all time high. Potentially triggered by the popularity of celebrities such as Pete Doherty, Russell Brand and Alex Turner, the men are following each other in a downward spiral.


The article is honest and gives a lot of detail into this mans life as a model, again revealing that the model life isn’t all private parties and pretty clothes. Instead it is a low income or none at all, and hours upon hours of work to be turned down because you don’t fit the brand aesthetics or in some cases, you’re too fat (aka a normal and healthy weight).

It’s not just brands booking habits which show this, but statistics on eating disorders as well, with 25% of people experiencing eating disorders considered to be men, the growing percentage over the years is getting worrying. Even more shocking? In 2009 there was a 44% increase in male breast-reduction procedures proving that men want to achieve the skinny male model look, and unfortunately feel they need to go under the knife to achieve this.

I really encourage people to read the article and also start raising awareness of the expectation issues of males in the modelling industry.

It may be pretty on paper, but behind the scenes there tends to be an unglamorous life.

Written by our guest Blogger Ella Richards from the blog ‘Ella Must Blog

Who Wore What To Glastonbury?


Glastonbury; most people will know all about this major festival, known for it’s top musicians, it’s acres of land for music, camping and entertainment…and also a festival that the stars adore!

For some the early wake up calls, endless piles of mud and hour long ques would dampen the mood but this year both the celebrities and fans of the festival took it in their stride in order to have the best time possible; it definitely didn’t stop anyone from working their festival style to the max.

From the likes of Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Poppy Delevigne, Lottie Moss and many more we round up our favourite ensembles and show you how to get the ultimate festival look.

Alexa Chung: 


setJacket: Barbour  Jeans: Ag Jeans  T-Shirt: Calvin Klein  Wellies: Hunter

Daisy Lowe: 

daisy lowe

Untitled-1 copy

Jacket: Belstaff Jeans: Dr Denim Wellies: Hunter Vest: American Vintage  Bag: Armani Jeans  Necklace: Cecily London 

Lottie Moss: 

lottie moss

Untitled-1 copy

Jacket: Barbour  Top: French Connection  Shorts: French Connection  Wellies: Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

Poppy Delevingne:


Untitled-1 copy

Dress: French Connection  Jacket: Michael Kors Boots: Ugg  Bag: Ralph Lauren 

The Cool New Bohemian Brand: Rixo London

Rixo London; you may or may not have heard of them, and if you haven’t then it’s about time you knew all about the cool new British bohemian brand which offers Vintage inspired pieces for the ‘modern woman’.


Founded in 2015 by best friends (and previous Asos buyers) Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, whom studied at the London College Of Fashion. The girls new it was time to branch off out of their jobs at Asos and work together to create a brand that fits a gap in the market…and they have certainly done just that. They created the brand with the aim of having a label that offered bohemian vibes mixed with London cool, city vibes; a bit like Kate Moss’ style and The Olsen twins (two people who were key style influencers to the creators).


The name (if you hadn’t already guessed) comes from a mix of both the girls names and therefore makes the brand personal to them; it’s a new and exciting brand and we can’t wait to show our customers the luxury vintage items the brand creates.


The pieces in their collections are feminine without being too girly, relaxed but with an edge and one of the nice things is that they have aspects of the founders own free spirited personal styles mixed in with them. Interestingly they don’t mass produce, meaning your chances of looking and wearing something unique is high and makes their clothes one of a kind…and also items that you will cherish forever.


In recent interviews the creators were asked to describe the ‘Rixo Woman’ and they stated that she was ” a style-centric shopper…into quality distinctive pieces…she loves a print and is unafraid to stand out in a classy way” as well as going on to say ” she invests in pieces that are not just a one season wonder but staples that she can pull out a year later”. We can’t help but be drawn into the idea of a collection of clothing that offers a unique, vintage twist with a hint of femininity, as well as the added bonus that we will be wearing something that no one else will really have!



How To Wear The Crop Top:

The crop top is one of the most iconic summer staple pieces that really and truly declares the start of a season that is full of sunshine and heat (fingers crossed). People always assume that this style of top is for the women that don’t mind showing a bit of their midriff, but with longer styles and the ability to pair with anything high waisted means that the crop top doesn’t always have to be about showing a slither of skin.

Now a days we are wearing the crop top under slip dresses and dungarees when the weather is feeling indecisive and with that said it makes it such a versatile piece for spring and summer, almost as though we NEED a few in our wardrobes.

For casual:

Untitled-1 copy

Jacket: Boss Orange / Top: Ted Baker / Jeans: Religion / Shoes: Sam Edelman

For going out:  

Untitled-1 copy

Top: Ted Baker / Skirt: Ted Baker / Bag: Ted Baker / Shoes: Sam Edelman

For a wedding: 

Untitled-1 copy

Top: French Connection / Skirt: French Connection / Bag: Michael Kors / Shoes: Sam Edelman

For work:  

Untitled-1 copy

Top: Ted Baker / Trousers: Michael Kors / Bag: Michael Kors / Shoes: Sam Edelman

London Collections Men SS17

London Collections men is the British Capitals week solely dedicated to menswear and this year a lot of young designers took centre stage, to show off their designs for SS17. It’s important to have a week that focuses on, and celebrates the British Menswear industry and the designers that pride themselves with  designing clothes for men all around the world.

Some of the bigger designers that showcased their work during LCM were Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and Belstafff…just a few of the big names.


Belstaff’s collection was inspired by Bruce Browns 1971 motorcycle film ‘On Any Sundays’ and was set to capture the carefree attitude of the guys (and girls) on and off the tracks. They wanted to create a more masculine approach to some of their archived pieces, including the hand waxed leather detailing on their jackets.


The street style was a mix of trends from traditional menswear, gentry, punk rock and also sporty streetwear…there was also many over the top extravagant outfits but what more can we expect from a week dedicated to showing off new designs and trends.

2912 (1)

1020 (1)


A thing to look out for is some key trends that may arise during the women-swear fashion week later on this year.

Kors Says No To Social Media

In recent years the presence of social media, cameras and paparazzi at fashion week has been unmissable. Designers have gone from trying to keep their designs a secret to embracing the publicity and inevitably controlling it so it works in their favour.

However it looks like Michael Kors is changing this and following the foot steps of Anna Wintour by banning anything which may expose his collection before he wants to.

courtesy-of-michael-kors_by-norman-wong (1)

Kors has announced that his Resort Collection due to be debuted on Tuesday has a social media ban, meaning that only the people who attend the fashion show will be able to see the final looks until the collection hits stores in October.

Until then only five images will be released from the press team and this is for editors to use for reviews and on social media.

My first instinct to say that surely this will cause poor representation on social media about the collection, however the opposite is more likely. Banning social media means the public and members of the industry will be eager to see the collection having to wait a few months to see it. Essentially creating a positive anticipation, so when it is finally released it will be fresh for everyone.

“We feel our clients and fans will love getting a sneak peek of the collection as opposed to inundating them with too much imagery too soon.Ultimately, this is all about creating more excitement when the product is available.” – Kors

I’m sure Kors must be positive in his big decision, considering the brand is so prominent on social media and relies on it quite a lot for promotion. It also seems out of character for Kors to do this personally! Unlike many designers he proudly walks down the catwalk at all his shows, flashing his smile and waving, soaking up the applaud and pictures being taken.


We will have to wait until Tuesday for limited pictures and October for the full release, I’m hoping the collection will be amazing purely for the wait we have to endure!

Written by our guest blogger Ella Richards from the blog ‘Ella Must Blog

How To Get The Off Duty Model Look:

When in doubt looking at models off duty looks can be the perfect guidance on what to wear on a day to day basis; they really do capture the essence of a relaxed style ideal for your day to day duties. It’s no wonder they are some of our favourite style icons when they are constantly surrounded by clothes and designers oozing with the latest trends.

Off the runway and onto the streets is where they show their personal style and completely contrasts the extravagant outfits you will find them in in some of the top designers runways around the world.

New-York-Fashion-Week (1)

Untitled-1 copy

Dress: French Connection / Bag: Michael Kors / Sunglasses: Ray Ban



Untitled-2 copy

Blazer: French Connection / Trousers: Michael Kors / T-Shirt: American Vintage


Untitled-3 copy

Dress: Michael Kors / Bag: Michael Kors / Sandals: Sam Edelman


Untitled-3 copy

T-Shirt: American Vintage / Jeans: AG Jeans / Shoes: Sam Edelman


Untitled-4 copy

T-Shirt: Calvin Klein / Jeans: Dr Denim / Bag: Michael Kors / Shoes: H By Hudson

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Collection:

The Louis Vuitton 2017 Cruise Collection was presented a few days ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it was definitely a well put on show. With Rio set to hold the Olympic games in 68 days as well as on the brink of a collapsing government, they definitely chose an important place to hold their new collection runway.


Brazil unlike Cuba (where Chanel was held) has more to do with fashion, with some of the top models in the world  being Brazillian and also a top buyer of Louis Vuitton bags, however there had never been a major international catwalk show held there until a few days ago when the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Collection graced the runway of the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum.


The backdrop is always important when picking the perfect location for a major runway and with Nicolas Ghesquiere being the artistic director of Louis Vuitton womenswear and a lover of architecture, a picturesque location was a major must. The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum was created by Oscar Niemeyer, which Nicolas had a few words to discuss his love for his work and why he chose the setting:

“I so admire the power of Oscar Niemeyer’s conviction. His vision, his radicality, his utopia even. Being able to show a fashion collection in such an architecturally powerful space is a sensorial experience. In Rio de Janeiro, what I saw most of all was movement and an explosive energy that lives somewhere between modernism and tropicality. I was fascinated by the constant duality between nature and urbanism and the pictorial explosion it creates. For me, the main question was how to incorporate into my collection all these elements that are part of Brazilian culture, without forgetting that I am just a visitor who brings his own Parisian and French cultural references to the moment.”


As you can see the chosen location has an almost futuristic look and the absolutely stunning backdrop was filled with the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful mountains of Rio.


The actual collection was like a lot of Louis Vuitton pieces however the emphasis was really put on the artistic prints and cuts of the materials, with draping sides and cut out detailing on the dresses. The clothes also took on a real sporty side with sneaker sandals, block prints and a mix of red, blue and black colour schemes ( a real sporty palette if you ask me).


Bella Hadid Is The Face Of Dior Beauty


Bella Hadid has just been named the face of Dior beauty and their is really no better match; with Hadid’s beauty routine being natural and Diors collection being one of soft palettes and natural tones.

The 19 year old is no newbie to the big designer brands after walking for Chanel, Givenchy and Miu Miu so being asked to be the face of Dior would have been no challenge but instead another step up in her modelling career.

On June 6th Dior will release web videos featuring Bella as well as Peter Phillip’s (Dior’s Make-Up Creative and Image Director) which will show fans her love for beauty.

Bella; being a constant user of her social media accounts…especially Instagram shared the news with her followers by posting numerous of posts relating to her new role as Dior beauty ambassador as well as last nights Dior Cruise Collection runway at Blenheim Palace.