Get The 70s Look The Street Style Stars Adore!

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Jeans: J Brand Maria Flares / Shirt: Michael Kors / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Bag: Michael Kors

The 70s look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for many celebrities, bloggers, street style stars and the rest the duo of a pair of denim flares and a pussy bow blouse seems to be an instant win. With the nostalgic feel to a pair of indigo denim flares such as the likes of these J Brand ones they leave us feeling like we came right of the streets of the 70s era and straight onto the streets of the modern world. It’s true when they say everything eventually comes back around, styles will either be in or out but in due time they will arise again…just take the flare as an example of this!

What’s great about the flare is the ability to play around with them, there’s no denying that a good pair of skinny jeans can do this trick also but it can sometimes be nice to venture outside your comfort zone and try a different style. Flares look amazing with a heel, and can be super leg lengthening; something many of us like to do.

The best kind of top to pair with your flares to get the ultimate 70s look is the pussy bow blouse; a feminine version of a classic shirt complete with a Victorian element.

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Chanel Combats Cuba

Most people will be focusing on Chanel’s Cruise collection which took place in Cuba last week, however people seem to be unaware of how important the venture into Cuba is for not only Chanel, but for the world.

Over 50 years ago, Cuba started an armed revolt led by Fidel Castro against the US. Concluded in a very short statement, this changed the relationship between Cuba and the US since 1953.

Early last week, a boat from the US set sail and ported into the dock of Havana. This is the first time this has happened since the revolt. A few days later, Havana was taken over by Chanel in the first international fashion show since the communist revolution.


Although it may not be a strong political statement, it sure stands for something between the two countries, showing a warmth and growing bond which should only grow stronger in the forthcoming years.

It is safe to say the the revolution has depleted the vibrant caribbean country where since the revolution, the Spanish colony has been stuck in the 50’s. With ability to import goods frozen and a strict wi-fi ban, many of the Cuban residents haven’t seen or spoken to their families and friends in years. The five designated wifi spots can cost nearly a weeks wages for only an hours connection. However since 1981 a lot of money has been put into developing the close the crumbling architecture in order to develop the soon to be tourist hotspot.

Prado street in old Havana© Cuba Absolutely, 2014
Prado street in old Havana© Cuba Absolutely, 2014


Chanel took over El Paseo Del Prado for the show, seating 600 people down a 160 metre catwalk. The catwalk was towered by tall buildings with balconies filled with people trying to get a glimpse of the show, especially since locals weren’t allowed close to the site. The promenade is beautiful, lined with towering trees and eight bronze lions sculpted by French Jean Puiforcat and Cuban sculptor Juan Comas – creating a tie between France and Cuba; ironically perfect for the nights occasion and fashion house.



Not only this but Chanel created a week long itinerary for its VIP guests to enrich them with Cuban history and culture. There were tours of Ernest Hemingway’s house, the old town and a cigar factory. It seemed like a fully submerging experience.

Lagerfeld’s line was inspired by the cultural richness in Cuba where bright colours and loud prints are the chosen attire by locals. The loose and casual clothing is appropriate for the climbing heat and stifling humidity and styles are rich with 1950’s inspiration. The line up for the catwalk didn’t feature some of the show stopping and social media friendly models which usually frequent the show, instead they featured local Cuban girls and opened by the beautiful Stella Tennant.


The only thing which could possibly be criticised about the choice in location is that no one in Cuba can actually afford a piece of Chanel clothing, never mind a shop opening there. The country is still rife with poverty after 1991 when the Soviet Union dropped its financial support. A few miles out of the city centre and the atmosphere completely changes from the newly refurbished tourist attraction. It almost seems like a tease to locals with such a luxurious brand parading around the city and no one being able to touch it, never mind not being able to actually attend the show.


It’s not just Chanel that has drawn attention to Cuba, with many other events happening here over the last few months such as the filming of Fast & Furious 8 and the Rolling Stones performing a free concert to over a million people. Cuba has been thriving in the attention, drawing tourists in and hopefully building up a profitable holiday destination which will allow the city to flourish.


Look out, Cuba will be your next wanderlust destination!

Written by our guest blogger Ella Richards from the blog ‘Ella Must Blog’ 

The Best Bloggers To Follow On Instagram!

Gizele Oliveria @giizeleoliveira


Gizele Oliveira is the beautiful Brazilian model who’s quirky fun style gives her so much charisma and charm. Her instagram is packed with eccentric outfits, lots of selfies and off duty model adventures…which is something we love to see from the models we only see in magazines and on runways.

Kristina Bazan @kristinabazan

kristina blog photo

Kristina Bazan runs the blog Kayture and her sleek and girly style can be seen all over he instagram, she likes to showcase her editorial photo-shoots and make us envious of all the amazing cities she gets to travel to!

Charlotte @thefashionguitar

fashion guitar

Charlotte the owner of the blog The Fashion Guitar has a sophisticated and glamorous style and on her instagram she likes to post lots of outfit pictures; with designer labels gracing the tags. One thing that we love about her instagram is that she posts lots of pictures with her children to show her duty as a mum.

Lucy Williams @lucywilliams02 :  


Lucy Williams is the person to follow if you want to have major wanderlust… she’s always travelling to exotic countries and her style truly mimics this. Her care-free nature and bohemian style make for a truly relaxed account which makes us want to throw our hair back, take off all our make-up and hit the beach.

Is It Acceptable To Wear Denim In The Workplace?

Depending on where you work and what your dress code is will narrow the answer down to this frequently asked question in the fashion world. Here in the Thackerays headquarters the dress code is somewhat ‘Smart Casual’ a statement that often leaves people confused over what this really means… basically it’s finding the line between every day wear and something a bit more formal… just think classy and casual!



As denim becomes more popular we want to show that we can wear denim to the best of our ability and include it in our day to day wardrobe without obviously looking too shabby! However there are and always will be rules when it comes to wearing the trends right and wearing denim in the workplace means you have to follow these two rules:

1) Opt for a darker denim; a dark nostalgic indigo denim will instantly look smart and fits into the casual tailored look that you will be trying to uphold. Light denim can be acceptable but try and stay clear of a baby blue denim.

2) Do a casual denim jean and pair it with a smart/tailored top for the true definition of ‘smart casual’



Our top denim picks acceptable for the office:

Untitled-1 copy

1: J Brand ‘Maria’ Jeans / 2: J Brand ‘Selena’ Jeans / 3: J Brand ‘Maria Flare’ Jeans / 4: Calvin Klein Jeans /  5: Michael Kors Culottes / 6: Michael Kors Dress

Why The Met Gala Is So Important

It’s the Oscars of the Fashion world and should probably become a worldwide bank holiday due to its capabilities to stop everyone, everywhere just to see who is wearing what.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala brings  some of the worlds most iconic and famous people within the fashion industry to one one location on one night, to raise funds for the Museums Costume Institute (one of the only departments which has to do so). The Gala is also used as a way to celebrate and unveil the newest exhibition within the museum.

themetmuseum (1)

Unlike the many other blogs that you will probably read today, I’m not going to mention the best or worst dressed of the night. Instead I’m going to talk about why this event is so important to not just those who attend, but to all of us.

As I mentioned above, the Costume Insititue doesn’t get funded by the MET, instead it needs outside resources for it to stay open and bring in the many visitors it gets every year, just to see their specific collections and events.

The tickets are sold at $30,000 and to get a table? Just the $275,000 you have lying around. However all of the money made from this goes towards the Institute. This doesn’t mean that you are paying for the Gala to be put on, infact the exhibition and the Gala are sponsored by many people. This year it was Apple who spent the big bucks.

Due to this, about $12.5 million is raised each year. 

Now, not everyone has to buy a ticket. Many celebrities who you see on the MET steps are invited by designers who also dress them for the night, usually in custom pieces. Anna Wintour (the chair woman of the Gala) also tends to invite upcoming designers for free and scatters them around the place.

I think the latter mentioned here is so important. Wintour is not only funding the future of the MET but she is also creating a future for upcoming designers. This is an opportunity for them to mix with the already established, and many designers who they aspire to be. A career defining moment for many I’m sure.

Just incase you’re thinking about saving up for a ticket, don’t bother. Wintour invites all 600 attendees, clears who sits with who and which brands invite who.


The MET Gala was first established in 1948 by Eleanor Lambert, who should be called the Queen of PR. The idea of the Gala has always been to raise money, however since Anna Wintour took over from Lamberts successor Pat Buckley, she has turned the event from philanthropic get together to party central and social media crazy. Wintour really knows how to play with us commoners who can’t afford a ticket. There are no pictures allowed inside until after the event, making us want to know what goes on even more! All we know is that there is a dinner, live music (this year it was The Weeknd) and a lot of partying away from the paparazzi.


Every year the gala has a theme based on the exhibition it is celebrating, This year it is “Manus X Machina:Fashion in an Age of Technology”. The exhibition focuses on the process from handmade to machine made in Couture and Avant Garde design. This means some stunning dresses are on show with incredible needle work and attention to detail. The exhibition takes you through the years from hand sewing to 3D printing and what we can expect from the future.


In terms of outfits relating to the theme, it is all open for interpretation. Some are easy and some are a little bit tricky. Every year there is mixed bag of what is appropriate and what isn’t. For example, last year many people got confused with the “China: Throughthe Looking Glass” theme with outfits verging on Japanese rather than Chinese. In terms of cultural appropriation, it isn’t great to get them mixed up. However some people also hit the nail on the head (read this article if you want to know the difference!)

This year I have noticed that many people have opted for a more futuristic, glamorous side of the theme. Where that relates to celebrating hand made and machine made I’m not sure. For me the lit up suits were more of a relation to the exhibition than the jewelled donned Kardashians in Balmain as usual (yawn).


The exhibitions over the years draw attention to beautiful work by extremely talented people within the fashion industry. Every year it is like a homage to all the amazing designers in the world. I think this is so important! Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate how fashion is a form of art, rather than how cheap a pair of jeans from TopShop are. I fell in love with fashion purely because of designs celebrated through this event.

It is also an opportunity for designers to show how they can adapt to the themes and present them on the catwalk.

Different ways to wear your shirt

Street style is a great way to find out what will be in this season and just how to wear the trends in a more practicable way than on the runway. With that said over London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week our favourite street style stars showed us just how to wear a shirt in numerous ways that can last all year, no matter what the weather may be.

Wear it backwards: 



At New York Fashion Week SS16 a trend arose with editors and fashion directors such as Glamour UK’s Natalie Hartley wearing their shirts backwards and almost completely unbuttoned…yes backwards! From then on many of the fashion elite people fell in love with this trend and making it their own by adding a signature knot half way down. This trend is a great way to get in on the backless trend… it really is all about the less is more element.

The Half Tuck: 

half tiuck


The half tuck is the perfect way to look effortlessly chic and cool…almost like you just threw your shirt on in amongst your morning routine and headed straight out the door. This trend is the perfect way to show off a staple belt without tucking your shirt in the whole way…try a western belt on for size.




Layering is the trend that will suit you best in the winter when it comes to layering up to keep warm…however this doesn’t just need to be a winter trend. Layer your shirt with a lightweight jumper over the top: don’t tuck it in but instead leave it hanging out at the bottom. Perhaps even layering a dress over your shirt will be a great way to show people you are a street style goddess.

The Classic Tuck In: 



For a trend that is a bit more crisp clean then why not stick to the signature ‘Tuck in’ that could never go out of style no matter how hard it tried.


The Met Gala 2016

The Met Gala is truly a night of glamour where celebrities dress up in their finest attire to celebrate and fundraise for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. Each year has a theme and this year it was ‘Fashion in the age of technology’ so think designer futuristic elements such as lots of metallic detailing and sleek, slicked back hair.

Blake Lively in Burberry

Blake Lively wore the most amazing Burberry chiffon dress which had an oriental feel to it. The shimmery contrast of the gown gave it that much needed futuristic element which Blake was said to have been involved in the making off.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Dakota Johnson took on a Gucci star print dress which had a beautiful low cut lace front.

Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa

Poppy Delevingne took metallic detailing to a whole new level in this Marchesa gown. With her icy blonde hair and dark lip she gave the technology theme a whole new concept by adding in an edgy twist.

Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton

Selena Gomez looked the part in this Louis Vuitton number, pairing with some rock style boots and adding in leather detailing which gave her outfit a tough look.

met-gala-2016-the-best-red-carpet-looks-1808905.600x0c (1)
Kendall Jenner in Atelier Versace

Kendall Jenner’s slender physique means that a dress like this really does look a million dollar on her. The contrast of the white and blue is soft against her dark hair and the cut out sides leaves little to the imagination.