Grenson’s Secrets to Shoe Care


We’re very excited to welcome Grenson shoes to Thackerays. Especially as they were founded, and are still based in Northamptonshire — like us! The brand has been producing quality footwear for over 130 years, when William Green opened his first factory. And their rich history and wealth of knowledge has allowed Grenson to become a globally renowned brand famous for their quality leathers and craftsmanship.

But even great shoes need a little TLC — something we often forget in our busy day-to-day lives. Luckily Grenson are on hand with their trusty tips to help keep your new brogues or boots in brilliant condition.

  1. First things first, try to avoid getting new shoes wet (which is difficult given the summer we’re having!) If they do get damp, fill with newspaper and leave to dry at room temperature for 48 hours before wearing again.
  2. Always be sure to get rid of any surface dirt before polishing leather. Wipe your shoes over with a dry cloth then use plenty of polish, working it into the welt and crack between the upper and the sole. Ideally shoes should be allowed to sit with the polish on for as long as possible. Try leaving them overnight.
  3. Take off excess polish with a brush or cloth to shine them up. Or if your shoes are suede, skip the polish and use a dry suede brush to get rid of any marks.
  4. Thanks to the Goodyear welted sole, Grenson shoes are easy to repair (should they ever need it) meaning their extended lifespan makes them a great investment.
  5. Finally: never wear socks that are funnier than you!