Denim with Detail


In recent seasons, jeans have tended to be a clean and simple affair — dark denim, straight cuts, subtle finishes. However, we’re starting to move away from that now and towards more interesting fabrics and overt styling and detail on jeans. Lighter, much more distressed denim, contrast coloured stitching and cinch backs are all characteristic of this trend.

It’s no coincidence, then, that one of our new menswear brands this season is PRPS, a denim-only brand that combines its unique look with impeccable Japanese construction.

Heavily influenced by the 1970s American dragstrip scene, PRPS jeans are full of the kind of details we are talking about — rips, creases, oil stains, and thoughtful details, right down to the buttons, stitching and pocket lining. One style this season even has a horsehair belt loop.