Own Your Evening Suit

So, we’re into a new year and have left the “busy party season” behind us. How hectic was it for you? Did you all but lose your December to a wine-soaked blur of RSVPs and Ferrero Rocher?

Me neither. Still, it’s a fair bet you went to a do or two (or three), and that may well have meant donning an evening suit. Now, unless your name starts with “Count” or “Jeeves” then your use of an evening suit is probably only occasional. But does that mean you should just hire one when you need it? It could be hard to justify forking out several hundred pounds for something you wear a handful of times a year, but if you’re a little creative you can work an evening suit into everyday outfits.

The Jacket

Try using the jacket on its own over a crisp shirt, dark jeans and smart shoes to give a going out outfit a little more class. For a real statement, you could even add a bow tie.


The jacket would work equally well on a more casual outfit, balancing out a brightly coloured t-shirt with some more relaxed jeans and trainers.


The Trousers

You can easily use the trousers from an evening suit for your work wardrobe. Teaming them with a (still smart) fine knit will work nicely, and don’t feel you absolutely have to stick to black shoes.


Choosing your Suit

Buying an evening suit might be unchartered territory, even if you buy suits all the time. Right now, you’ll want either a one or two button suit. Long and narrow lapels are good, and there are some really nice suits around with curved lapels and other stand-out detailing. As for fabric, best to keep it plain for versatility, but a slightly shiny finish is ideal.