Love, Want, Need: AW16!

With last week being one of the only weeks we had (and sadly are expected to have) of sun and extreme heat (for England anyway) I’m afraid to say that it may just be about time to start preparing for Autumn and Winter. But the cold months ahead don’t have to create negativity in your head but instead a positive attitude and excitement over ‘WHAT WILL I WEAR’ this Autumn and Winter 16! Well we have put together three key pieces for you men and women that are indecisive over what will be your staple pieces next season.



This Stone Island beanie is of course one of our tops picks and an obvious winter must if you want to keep your head nice and warm when the weather is ice cold. The wool knit is the ideal material for all your accessories and knits this winter. Stone Island are renowned for creating pieces that are wearable every day pieces and also super casual and the grey and black colour scheme mean it will go with just about anything and everything. A subtle logo is nice to have to create an extra something on what could just be a winter beanie.


After that jacket that will last forever, then turn to Belstaff for a jacket that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come, love it and live in it this winter as the black is a colour you really can’t go wrong with. The water repellent material makes it even more of a ‘must have’ jacket, especially in England when rain is just something we have to deal with a lot. This brand is worn by the likes of David Beckham, Oliver Cheshire and Gerald Butler so do not worry you are in safe hands with this brand the celebrities love.


H By Hudson once again bring us the popular ‘Tamper Suede’ Boots and this time in brown. Edge away from a leather boot and go for something you wouldn’t usually go for with the suede style. This is definitely a more casual boot and will perfect your weekend look to the T.



The ‘Cooney’ Ted Baker hat is the brand new accessory piece that we just can’t get enough off. The perfect item for when you feel your outfit is looking a bit simple and you need something to make it stand out. What better colour for Autumn and Winter than Oxblood; it makes us want the cold months already! Complete with the classic Ted Baker miniature cutesy bow for that girly touch.


If there is one item you have to splurge on; an item that will last a lifetime, an item that will forever remain close to your heart, then it’s this Belstaff ‘Boulder Blouson’ aviator style shearling jacket. The traditional aviator has a mix of old and new in it, with the fur collar creating an element of class and of course extra warmth this winter. This is definitely the ‘It’ jacket of 2016!


Calvin Klein gives us the dream backpack this AW16, with tassel and contrasting coloured detailing there’s no denying how much we love this bag. Ditch your usual style of bag and opt for the backpack for extra style, and room as this bag will hold all your ‘much needed’ throw in pieces.

Mastering the Athleisure Trend

The 90s tracksuit is something we just can’t ever seem to get rid off, and it must be for a reason; it’s here to stay. The funnel neck is one of the main ‘throwback’ looks if you wanna go back to a time when you wore the tracksuit as part of your day-to-day wear and not just for exercise of any type, but that way to wear the tracksuit is coming back to life and who couldn’t love the mix of athletic wear and leisure wear to create the trend ‘athleisure’.


To those who threw their tracksuits away thinking that they would never really ever come back into style well you are going to regret it, as they really are on the verge of a major comeback for AW17. For anyone who is into fashion you will know that whenever a trend comes around it’s usually recycled from a different year and is slightly remastered in a way that makes it different from before.

Seen on the runways of Gucci and Astrid Anderson it’s no denying that the look has now transformed into a much more sleek, high end trend whereby designers are styling them with smart trousers, over shirts and polo shirts and with smart shoes.



The trend isn’t just worn by men though and is actually supported by many of the fashion socialite such as Patricia Manfield and Alexandra Spencer who have shown their love for a trend that couldn’t be any more comfy and casual if it tried. Also seen on  the runways of Chloe, Gucci and Louis Vuitton it’s clear that it’s a highly approved look.


Patricia Manfield

For women the look is different, whether you want to go with a logo or no logo; a drawstring trouser can go a long way and take you from what could be a sit at home and lounge around piece to something you pair with heels and a shirt to transform and work it into your everyday outfits…maybe even to work. Throwing on a leather jacket over a hoodie can take you away from plain and simple and turn your outfit into the edgy ensemble it so utterly needs.

Alexandra Spencer

Alexa Chung’s New Collection:


If we thought about Alexa Chung and her life we would say a style setter, go getter and mega babe in terms of having the wardrobe we so utterly crave. It was only a matter of time before she decided to start her own collection, and I think after she released ‘Archive’ for Marks and Spencer people were desperate for her to start her own line.

The  collection ‘Alexa Chung’ is set to be released in May 2017 (not too much longer to wait) and it has been spoken about that the first pieces will be ‘ready to wear’ denim, day wear, shoes and jewellery…what more could we ask for? Alexa has stated that she ‘wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief’s to stick to’ which we can completely understand, and are super excited that the collection will be a line of pieces straight out of Alexa’s wardrobe.

Alexa wants the clothes to be wearable, everyday pieces that you can just throw on and ‘live in’ and one thing we will of course be expecting is the cross between masculinity and femininity, which she has said is going to be included…we wouldn’t expect anything less seeing as that’s a key part of her personal style.

So with 10 months to wait until the release of the collection we can count down the days till we grab ourselves a piece from Alexa Chung.

This Weeks Girl Crush: Zoë Kravitz

It’s been a while since we did a woman crush, man crush or any crush for that matter and this week’s girl crush is definitely a style genius… oh and she’s also an actress, singer and model ( talented is an understatement).

Zoë Kravitz; the 27 year old daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, is someone we’ve had on our radar for quite some time now, but never shouted through the roofs over how stylish and talented she really is…until now! Making her runway debut for the Balenciaga 2016 Spring show she completely juxtaposed the dress she wore; lace, cream and extremely feminine worked wonders with her piercings and tattoos.


One of the main reasons she’s our girl crush of the week is because of the absolute effortless ways in which she pulls an outfit together; she often goes for that grunge look during the day for her off duty looks, but come night she can work elegant glam and for this we applaud her. Also we can’t help but love the fact she works geek chic and a little bit of menswear, something not a lot of people can do well. In recent interviews she talked about her love for loose fitting clothes stating she finds them much more sexier than anything that’s tight fitting.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed she’s always got a super stylish pair of sunglasses on; totally fitting in with her A-List persona.




The AW16 Versace Campaign

The year of the controversial campaigns; first Calvin Klein released their new campaign with some slightly provocative image and that caused the internet to start talking about the inappropriateness of their campaign, next was Jack Wills which was criticised for showing models in their underwear which viewers said was not appropriate for their younger audience… and then we have Versaces fall/winter 16 campaign.

The most recent campaign for Versace features several models in different scenes around Chicago, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid being just two of the models. It is in fact the campaign photos with Gigi in them however that has caused the most controversy; she is portraying what looks like a mum and people online were quick to point out the fact Gigi is so young and that this isn’t a realistic image… completely disregarding the positivity of a racially diverse family in the image.


Donatella Versace was quick to defend herself following the criticism and controversy of the images by stating:

“My name is Versace- I don’t know how to do things quietly” pointing out that her campaign images are always bold and spark opinions. She also went on to say “that is just my blood and my family. We make a noise, shout loud”. The images aren’t just about showcasing the clothes but also have a story behind them and the recent campaign is all about the women who have their own business and family and how they still remain ‘fierce’ in every aspect of their lives. Donatella said she wanted to show off her day clothes with this persona of woman in mind.


Donatella has worked with so many supermodels in her time, such as the likes of Naomi Campbell and therefore choosing Hadid and Kloss as two models for her recent campaign would have been an easy decision.

Donatella and Gigi have a close relationship and there’s no denying that they both enjoy working with eachother…Gigi has appeared in the previous Versace campaign as well as on the runway and also if you follow Donatella Versace on Instagram then you will know that her first ever post was in fact with Gigi Hadid.



What The Fashion ‘It’ Girls Are Wearing:

When in doubt of what of to wear it’s often a good idea to turn to some of our favourite fashion ‘It’ girls for ideas and tricks on what to do to get the best, street style worthy and blogger approved outfit (making the most of what is in our wardrobe.) So what really makes a fashion ‘It’ girl? Well when we look at the girls that we idolise the most in terms of style and wearing what the hell they want to (we applaud them for this) they are the girls that dare to wear the trends to the max, mixing casual wear with night wear and somehow making a trend such as ‘The matching tracksuit’ a thing we actually want to try ourselves.

No matter how tricky the trend they seem to have it all figured out!

Natalie Suarez from ‘Natalie Off Duty’: 

Natalie Suarez; model, blogger and notable figure in the fashion industry is a bohemian goddess, mixing her eccentric and unique style with everyday wear. Going from in the city to by the beach her style never disappoints and capturing all her day to day adventures on her blog ‘Natalie Off Duty’ gives us insight into just what exactly she gets upto and what she is wearing…so we can take note of any trends we might want to try for ourselves of course.



This 70’s style dress is a top pick for Natalia, matching with oversized statement sunnies for a dramatic look and a bucket bag for that easy throw on bag for during the day.







Grabbing a frilly frock when she’s in the mood to show off her feminine side is something Natalie does best, juxtaposing with a leather jacket to add the eccentric grunge/rock side to the outfit.








Creating that dream silhouette in a pair of cropped flares and matching with a cropped summer slip top with a block print to change that all black outfit around.





Lucy Williams from ‘Fashion Me Now’: 

Fashion editor, blogger and trend forecaster of course Lucy Williams is one of our favourite ‘It’ girls in the fashion world. Her chic style makes us forever envious and she captures the casual trend ever so well it looks effortless.




Lucy plays opposites against eachother, mixing a pink slogan tee with a black miniature bag and black oversized sunglasses. A miniature bag is cute and although not always practical it can be the ideal bag to take out with you when you only need the bare minimal.







The black bomber jacket dresses down an outfit, making it appropriate for a night at the pub or coffee with a friend. Never again will you worry about an outfit being too dressy.









The Noughties black bodycon ribbed maxi dress is flattering and comfy, complete with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket to wrap round your waist.

Love, Want, Need: The Dream Summer Dress

Victoria Secret models Lily Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo go shopping together at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood Featuring: Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 05 Apr 2016 Credit:

The dream summer dress varies with both the type of woman wearing it and also the occasion… but let’s get one thing clear no matter what style or occasion it has to be a dress that turns heads and makes you feel good wearing it.

Whether you are the type of woman who loves prancing around in a floaty floral dress at a garden party, while drinking Prosecco in a garden full of the most beautiful quaint flowers. Or a woman who enjoys the delicacy of afternoon tea in an all white shirt dress that screams elegance and sophistication. Or are you the type of woman who dares to go black when the sun is out in full swing…no matter the style or occasion it is important to have a few summer dresses ready for parties, weddings and any other affairs you get up to in the summer. So look no further!

Scroll for our favourite summer dresses: 

Rixo London
Rixo London
Rixo London
Michael Kors
Ralph Lauren
French Connection
Ralph Lauren
Michael Kors



Male Model Speaks Out

I’ve talked about the issues with the modelling world on here before, exploring the pressure for female models to be stick thin resulting in them being severely underweight. However it seems that we keep forgetting that male models may be under the same pressure.

I’ve honestly never thought about this until I read an article from News Week Europe (here) where a former male model tells his story about how the pressures of losing weight made him quit the job for good.

For me I always thought it was simple for men; stay in shape with muscle definition and you’re all good – of course a strong jaw line and high cheekbones are just as necessary. But there is a growing trend within males model that they need to be almost as skinny as women, it seems that male models are trying out the 90’s elfin waif trend which a young Kate Moss started.

Whether this is what they want to do or what they are made to do by agencies I’m unsure, but if it means they are seriously reducing their calorific intake then it’s got to be an issue (it would for me anyway!)

A requirement to be a male model is that you have to be over 6foot, and the taller the better. For different types of modelling, different types of bodies are required. Catwalks prefer skinny men with tall necks and wide (but not big) shoulders. Fitness models of course need to have muscle definition, these types of models tend to get more commercial work where they are seen as an aspiration to the public – “I will buy those jeans because they will make me look like I have spent 10 hours in the gym this week” –yeah right, but it works. 

The big muscly manly male model trend happened…

Untitled-1 copy

Then the bearded and rugged male model happened…


And now we are back to the skinny, translucent male model who looks like he needs a big roast dinner, similar to what was favoured in the 90’s when androgyny was at an all time high. Potentially triggered by the popularity of celebrities such as Pete Doherty, Russell Brand and Alex Turner, the men are following each other in a downward spiral.


The article is honest and gives a lot of detail into this mans life as a model, again revealing that the model life isn’t all private parties and pretty clothes. Instead it is a low income or none at all, and hours upon hours of work to be turned down because you don’t fit the brand aesthetics or in some cases, you’re too fat (aka a normal and healthy weight).

It’s not just brands booking habits which show this, but statistics on eating disorders as well, with 25% of people experiencing eating disorders considered to be men, the growing percentage over the years is getting worrying. Even more shocking? In 2009 there was a 44% increase in male breast-reduction procedures proving that men want to achieve the skinny male model look, and unfortunately feel they need to go under the knife to achieve this.

I really encourage people to read the article and also start raising awareness of the expectation issues of males in the modelling industry.

It may be pretty on paper, but behind the scenes there tends to be an unglamorous life.

Written by our guest Blogger Ella Richards from the blog ‘Ella Must Blog

Who Wore What To Glastonbury?


Glastonbury; most people will know all about this major festival, known for it’s top musicians, it’s acres of land for music, camping and entertainment…and also a festival that the stars adore!

For some the early wake up calls, endless piles of mud and hour long ques would dampen the mood but this year both the celebrities and fans of the festival took it in their stride in order to have the best time possible; it definitely didn’t stop anyone from working their festival style to the max.

From the likes of Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Poppy Delevigne, Lottie Moss and many more we round up our favourite ensembles and show you how to get the ultimate festival look.

Alexa Chung: 


setJacket: Barbour  Jeans: Ag Jeans  T-Shirt: Calvin Klein  Wellies: Hunter

Daisy Lowe: 

daisy lowe

Untitled-1 copy

Jacket: Belstaff Jeans: Dr Denim Wellies: Hunter Vest: American Vintage  Bag: Armani Jeans  Necklace: Cecily London 

Lottie Moss: 

lottie moss

Untitled-1 copy

Jacket: Barbour  Top: French Connection  Shorts: French Connection  Wellies: Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

Poppy Delevingne:


Untitled-1 copy

Dress: French Connection  Jacket: Michael Kors Boots: Ugg  Bag: Ralph Lauren 

The Cool New Bohemian Brand: Rixo London

Rixo London; you may or may not have heard of them, and if you haven’t then it’s about time you knew all about the cool new British bohemian brand which offers Vintage inspired pieces for the ‘modern woman’.


Founded in 2015 by best friends (and previous Asos buyers) Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, whom studied at the London College Of Fashion. The girls new it was time to branch off out of their jobs at Asos and work together to create a brand that fits a gap in the market…and they have certainly done just that. They created the brand with the aim of having a label that offered bohemian vibes mixed with London cool, city vibes; a bit like Kate Moss’ style and The Olsen twins (two people who were key style influencers to the creators).


The name (if you hadn’t already guessed) comes from a mix of both the girls names and therefore makes the brand personal to them; it’s a new and exciting brand and we can’t wait to show our customers the luxury vintage items the brand creates.


The pieces in their collections are feminine without being too girly, relaxed but with an edge and one of the nice things is that they have aspects of the founders own free spirited personal styles mixed in with them. Interestingly they don’t mass produce, meaning your chances of looking and wearing something unique is high and makes their clothes one of a kind…and also items that you will cherish forever.


In recent interviews the creators were asked to describe the ‘Rixo Woman’ and they stated that she was ” a style-centric shopper…into quality distinctive pieces…she loves a print and is unafraid to stand out in a classy way” as well as going on to say ” she invests in pieces that are not just a one season wonder but staples that she can pull out a year later”. We can’t help but be drawn into the idea of a collection of clothing that offers a unique, vintage twist with a hint of femininity, as well as the added bonus that we will be wearing something that no one else will really have!